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Compatibility with other CUAs

To increase interoperability with other CUAs a number of Compatibility Hints are provided in iCal4j. You can enable these hints in one of three (3) ways:

Enabling Compatibility Hints programmatically

Compatibility Hints can be enabled and disabled by calling the static method CompatibilityHints.setHintEnabled(). For example:

CompatibilityHints.setHintEnabled(KEY_RELAXED_UNFOLDING, true);

Specifying Compatibility Hints in a properties file

  1. Create a file called and include it in the root of your classpath (alternatively you can copy a sample file from CVS).

  2. Add appropriate lines for enabling hints. So for example, to enable relaxed unfolding add the following:


The complete list of Compatibility Hint properties is as follows:






Specifying Compatibility Hints as System properties

You may also specify the same Compatibility Hints above as System properties. For example:

java -Dical4j.unfolding.relaxed=true <some_program>

See Configuring iCal4j for a full list of configuration options.