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iCal4j Parser

The iCal4j parsing functionality is designed to allow the use of alternate parser and content handler implementations.

The CalendarParser interface defines two methods that implementors must provide implementations for. The first method parses data from a, whilst the second reads from a Both methods must notify the specified ContentHandler by calling the appropriate methods on parse events. The default parser implementation used by iCal4j is the

Implementors of the ContentHandler interface typically use the parse event notification methods to build a calendar representation (i.e. an object model). The default ContentHandler implementation for iCal4j is the CalendarBuilder.

CalendarBuilder is the default starting point for parsing an iCalendar data stream into an iCal4j object model. A CalendarBuilder instance requires both a CalendarParser (for parsing the data stream) and TimeZoneRegistry instance, however contructors are available that will use default implementations.