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Projects using iCal4j

The projects listed on this page use iCal4j to provide support for the iCalendar specification.

{|style="border: 1px solid silver;" !Name!!Description!!License |- |[Bedework]||A web-based calendar application|| BSD License |- |[Zimbra]||Web-based collaboration suite|| Zimbra Collective License |- |[Cosmo]||A CalDAV-based Calendar Server|| Apache Software License |- |[Opencap]||A standards-based Internet Calendaring server|| Apache Software License |- |[Plugin Confluence Calendar Plugin]||Adds Calendar support to Confluence||,r=1739/public/contrib/confluence/calendar-plugin/trunk/LICENSE.txt BSD License |- |[FinchSync]||Calendar synchronisation|| FinchSync License |- |iCalendar Validator||Validation of iCalendar files||N/A |- |[Webical]||Web based editing of remote iCalendars || GPL |- |[Open Project Services]||Project collaboration platform || GPL |- |[Teamwork]||Project collaboration software|| GPL/commercial |- |[okgo]||A desktop RSS calendar || GPL |- |Tate Online||British and international modern and contemporary art||N/A |- |[GCALDaemon]||A calendar synchroniser|| LGPL |- |[Funambol GroupDAV Connector]||GroupDAV sync plugin for Funambol|| AGPLv3 |- |[iCal4p]||A thin wrapper around ical4j for [ processing]|| GNU LGPL |- |[Scalix]||Linux email, calendaring and messaging|| SPL |- |[Android CalendarIcsAdapter]||Im- and export between ics file and android calendar|| GPL |- |}