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iCal4j Template

iCal4j Template provides prototypes for common iCalendar and vCard use-cases.


Whilst the iCalendar and vCard specifications provide generalized component and property constraints, some applications may require further constraints to fulfill the requirements of the use-case. iCal4j Templates provides some opinionated prototyping and validation for common use-cases, and a portable definition language for constructing your own.

Template Domains

Templates are group by specific problem domains, or common scenarios that could benefit from the use of the iCalendar and vCard standards. These domains include:

  • Groupware - communicating and collaborating within and across teams
  • Project - project management objectives and tracking
  • Agile - manage software development and other projects using Agile techniques
  • Workflow - respond to requests and manage approval workflows
  • Catalog - define and fulfil a collection of standard offerings
  • Wiki - knowledge management collaboration using Wiki concepts

A template is a construct for building iCalendar and vCard objects for common use-cases.


A roster is a VCALENDAR prototype consisting of VAVAILABILITY components with one or more ATTENDEEs.

VAvailability roster = new Roster().apply();

Sports fixture

A sport fixture is a VCALENDAR prototype of VEVENT components with a LOCATION and embedded STRUCTURED-DATA.

VEvent fixture = new SportsFixture().apply();


A timetable is a VCALENDAR prototype of VEVENT components.

Calendar timetable = new Timetable().toCalendar();


A timesheet is a VCALENDAR prototype of VJOURNAL components.

Calendar timesheet = new Timesheet().toCalendar();

Project Schedule

A project schedule is a VCALENDAR prototype of VTODO and VEVENT components representing tasks and milestones.

VEvent Templates


A common use-case for VEVENT components is to define anniversary-style events (i.e. recurring, date-based, etc.).

  • RRULE/RDATE (required)
VEvent anniversary = new Anniversary().withDate(MonthDay.of(Month.DECEMBER, 25)).apply();


A meeting is a VCALENDAR prototype of VEVENT components.

Agenda agenda = ...
VEvent meeting = new Meeting().withAgenda(agenda).apply();

VToDo Templates

Project Task

A project task is a VTODO prototype.

VTodo task = new Task().apply();

VJournal Templates

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes is a VJOURNAL prototype with RELATED-TO property referencing the meeting.

VJournal minutes = new MeetingMinutes().apply();