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iCal4j Template - Agile

Templates for working with Agile methodologies.


Agile is a software development methodology that prioritises collaboration between developers and users and responding rapidly to changing requirements. Agile is also successfully applied more generally as a project management methodology.


A key aspect of many Agile implementations is to work in timeboxed iterations, often called sprints. Here we provide a Sprint template to represent a single iteration that has an associated backlog of work items planned for the iteration.


A Backlog represents a group of work items that may be associated with zero or more Sprints.


A Story represents a single work item that can be implemented and tested independently of others. Typically, each Story will have its own acceptance criteria to define the parameters and constraints a working implementation.


An Epic is used to group work items that combine to provide a larger feature. These features are typically demonstrable in ceremonies such as showcases.


A Criteria represents a set of customer requirements that are used to guide the defined work items. Also known as a Acceptance Criteria, Criteria document solution details for work items such as Epics and Stories.


A Retrospective is a special kind of Meeting Agenda that aims to reflect on current progress and practices to identify what works and what doesn't. As with a regular Agenda, any points not discussed may be carried over to the next Retrospective Meeting.