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iCal4j Template - Project

Project management templates.


Project management focuses on the collaboration between individuals and teams to achieve specific outcomes. A project may represent a time-bounded or unbounded collaboration, and is the focal point for tracking objectives, risk, issues, etc. associated with the collaborative activities.


A Team is a group of individual members, working together to achieve common collaborative outcomes. Teams may be hierarchical in that a Team can be a member of another Team.


A Project is represented as collaborative activity associated with one or more teams and/or individuals. Each Project may have associated objectives, risks, issues, etc. that are used to guide collaborative activities.


An Objective identifies a specific goal of a project, and may be used to group specific risks, issues and milestones. Objectives should be high-level, and focus on the WHY aspects of a Project (i.e. what is the purpose of the project).


A Milestone represents a target within a project that may be associated with a specific Objective. The Milestone defines the WHAT aspect of Project activities and are an opportunity to track progress within a Project.


A Task captures a specific activity undertaken by a team or individual. Each Task may be associated with a Milestone such that progress towards Milestone completion may be accurately tracked.


A Risk is used to track potential problems or issues associated with a Project. Essentially a Risk is an unrealised issue, which has an associated likelihood and impact to a Project.


Issues are challenges and blockers to Project Tasks. Resolution of an Issue may require additional Tasks to be completed first.


A Decision captures agreement on a critical Project element that may be referred to or superseded at a later date. Decisions are Project assumptions that ensure collaborators all agree on Project outcomes and deliverables.


A Timesheet is used to capture metrics related to Project effort. On a given day, week or month it may be useful to track how much time is spent on specific Tasks for purposed such as financial reporting.