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iCal4j Template - Wiki

Templates for maintaining a Wiki.


A Wiki is a collection of articles and topics that is collaboratively maintained by a group of individuals. A Wiki is often used as a Knowledge Base to build a collection of explicit knowledge related to a team function or project.


An Article captures explicit knowledge about something related to the Project or Workspace it is associated with. An Article may be linked to child or parent Articles, and may also be a part of a sequence (i.e. linked to previous and/or next Articles).


A Topic is used to group related Articles to assist with navigation and discovery of captured knowledge.


A Definition describes a specific concept or term such that it may be referenced directly in Articles. For example, a Definition that is linked to an Article may be used to annotate the text inline when rendered as a web page.


A Faq identifies a gap in the Knowledge Base, or a request for an Article. When an Article is provided to satisfy the Faq it can be linked and marked as answered.