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iCal4j Template - Workflow

Workflow-related templates.


A workflow may represent a sequence of steps that define a process, often useful for collaborative activities between teams and individuals.


A Workspace represents an area where one or more teams and/or individuals collaborate in order to service workflow requests. A Workspace is different to a Project in that it does not have specific Objectives, but rather exists solely for the service of requests.


A Request represents a demand for service or feature provided by the Workspace. Requests are typically created by teams or individual external to the Workspace, and serviced by those within. There may be one or more Tasks associated in order to fulfill the Request.


An Approval may be required as part of a workflow in order to review or assess the validity of a Request or Tasks associated with it. An Approval may also be used to trigger the creation of additional Tasks required for service fulfilment.


A Roster represents the availability of teams or individuals for servicing requests. A Roster may be used to identify who should be notified in the event of a new Request.


A Metric captures a measurable outcome of specific objectives. This could refer to elapsed time to complete a task, fulfill and order or service a request.